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Remember Me, Not My Shame” — Fernando Ortega

by johncalvinyoung | July 10th, 2010

My good friend Tristany recently rein­tro­duced me to an artist I’d heard of before but had never had time to check out prop­erly. Fernando Ortega is a clas­si­cally trained pianist, singer, and song­writer whose music draws on clas­si­cal, Latin American, coun­try, and Celtic influ­ences to cre­ate some of the most beau­ti­ful, rev­er­ent acoustic music for wor­ship and life I have ever heard. The first song of his I heard, and still my favorite (although he has an excel­lent col­lec­tion of old hymns done RIGHT) is the fol­low­ing, “Shame”:

Though I am weak, some­times weary
In times of trial I hide my face
In the bal­ance, judge me wholly
Please don’t judge me
By my shame

In dark hours of con­fronta­tion
When words may fall too soon to unsay
Don’t mis­take them for my true mean­ing
They are mea­sures
Of my shame

I have tried to live life humbly
Not a cow­ard, not in vain
When my meek­ness over­comes me
Remember me, not my shame
Not my shame

I am small and self-conscious
Every mir­ror reflects the grain
Judge my essence by my kin­ships
Remember me
Not my shame

I am weak, some­times weary
Sometimes small, I hide away
When my hours are all accounted
Please don’t bind me
To my shame


Ortega’s arrange­ments of tra­di­tional hymns, par­tic­u­larly little-known Celtic hymns, are among the best I’ve ever heard. His music is typ­i­cally expres­sive, with­out being overly embellished–the hymns in par­tic­u­lar are well-suited to sing along with. I hope you will find his music, as I do, unusu­ally appro­pri­ate for a Sunday morn­ing, and well worth lis­ten­ing to through­out the week.

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