I am a writer, photographer, filmmaker, print designer and typesetter, political junkie, and above all else a Christian. This site collects all my work in one location, so come on in and take a look around!



Completed Productions:

Under the auspices of my media company, Young Christian Studios, and the local student history club I was involved in high school, I have written and/or directed five short films over the past few years. All of these completed productions are involved with North Carolina history in one way or another, due to the limitations of one of the contests we focused on entering for a number of years. The films are listed in reverse order of production.

  • A True Patriot
  • A Flame Undaunted
  • Independence Bound
  • The Night Before The Flight
  • The Lost Letter

Other Credits:

I have also been involved in a number of productions spearheaded by other Christian filmmakers I know, both local colleagues and San Antonio-school filmmakers I’ve met through at film festivals and over the Net. Credits include Assistant Director of Photography, Digital Colorist, Sound Engineer, Gaffer, and a variety of dramatic roles in various historical periods and accents.

  • Hoplophobia (post-production)
  • The Filthy Spoon (production)
  • Of Nobler Things Than Heroes (production)
  • My Daughter’s Dates
  • Paying Our Debt for Lafayette
  • No Greater Love
  • In the Line of Holiness
  • After the Battle of King’s Mountain
  • Christ in the Camp
  • The Reel Dance