I am a writer, photographer, filmmaker, print designer and typesetter, political junkie, and above all else a Christian. This site collects all my work in one location, so come on in and take a look around!



Scrapbook Photos
Album for scrapbook photos
2 photos
Profile Photos
Album for profile photos
1 photo
Cloisters, Crypts, Chapels, and Clerestory
An album shot at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.
National Cathedral, Washington, DC
30 photos
Highway to the Stars
An album from our expedition up Mount Evans in Colorado, along the breathtaking Highway to the Stars, the highest paved road in the world.
Mount Evans, CO
25 photos
And Then It Shall Be Spring
After an incredibly long and bleak winter, Virginia springtime explodes into color...
Lexington, VA
8 photos
The Falls of Sioux Falls
An album I shot at the South Dakota capitol's namesake landmark on my trip to SD for the PSCHEC conference.
Sioux Falls, SD
9 photos
After A Long Wait...
A new series of photos of Katherine at approximately 8 weeks old...
9 photos
Lexington in B&W
An album of B&W pictures of Lexington I shot on a cloudy weekend in February 2009
Lexington, VA
12 photos
Announcing...Katherine Luther Young!
An album of my newborn sister Katherine at less than a week old!
11 photos
W&L in the Snow
We experienced a sudden snowfall February 2nd, which just as quickly melted off...at least so far as it looked pretty. But I was able to get some good photographs before that happened...
Lexington, VA
24 photos
W&L Campus
A series of photographs I took on the Washington and Lee University campus during Fall Term 2008.
28 photos